"Design, Create, Inspire...Give Back"


Jane Wheeler is a San Diego based, mixed-media & mosaic artist whose rhythmic style blends the organic with a fresh splash of color. Her designs communicate inspiration, joy, balance, and transformation. Jane uses a vivid and joyful palette of colors and is focused on brightening everyday life. She enjoys working with clients to make custom one-of-a-kind personal creations for their environments as well as transforming communities and school environments through art projects.

She strives to create timeless testaments to the power and beauty of art. For Jane, art is precious because it signifies energy, and creation. She places it for our eyes to see and our hearts to grow.

Jane derives inspiration from living and traveling abroad where she has developed a base of ideas, compositions, aromas, cultures, and color combinations she uses when she creates. She also gains inspiration from her husband, two children, bike riding by the sea, and over 20 years of yoga. Jane is most creative when hunting for treasures to put in her next mosaic or working like an alchemist in her studio while listening to yoga music.

Bringing art alive in the community is important to Jane. “Beautify the World” is her motto. As founder of the Bird Rock Artist Guild she promotes the creative and artistic side of life through local art events.

Visit the series of 5 Mosaic Benches of Bird Rock outside the Bird Rock Coffee Roasters , next to Bird Rock Art Nest Gallery and along La Jolla Boulevard!